Natural Immix Health

Natural Immix Health Ltd. (Natural Immix) is a natural health and wellness supplier that believes true wealth is good health.

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The company produces natural health supplements that are carefully formulated and tested to provide customers with the ideal combination of ingredients to meet their specific health needs. All products are based on combining modern scientific evidence with traditional health remedies. Their wide range of products available for export include: blueberry powder; fruit and vegetable powder blend; cod liver oil; bee pollen complex, royal jelly capsules and bee propolis spray, offering the benefits of antioxidants; estro balance, a menopause and premenstrual formula; omega-3 plus vitamin D; and more.

All products are manufactured using quality control procedures, Good Manufacturing Practices, and in adherence with Health Canada’s stringent regulations, ensuring they are high quality. Both raw materials and finished products are subjected to various tests by impartial third party laboratories. All products must pass specific requirements on documents called Certificates of Analysis, guaranteeing pharmaceutical purity, consistent active potency, proven nutritional bio-availability and freshness.

Natural Immix is located in Port Coquitlam and was established in 2006. The founders bring over 11 years of experience in the nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, natural health products and food industries. With superior manufacturing technologies, science-based research and years of expert formulating capabilities, they create innovative products from whole, natural ingredients, and raw materials. The company aspires to change the world through health, one person at a time.