MarahDeo Holdings

MarahDeo Holdings (MarahDeo) is a dietary supplement business that is a calcium and bone health specialist.

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Under their MarahNatural brand, the company creates natural health products designed to address various needs, based on innovative uses of Sigma Anti-Bonding Calcium, a material which MarahDeo’s research suggests helps improve bone mineral density and activate bone stem cells. They offer a range of supplement products for export, such as: Mega-100, which replenishes calcium, and aims to restore the function of cells and balance pH levels; Recatril, which aims to improve arthritis, degenerative joint diseases and cartilage disorders; and Materni-Cell, which aims to help maternal and fetal health, by keeping bones strong and providing safe antioxidants to mothers.

Established in 2001 in Coquitlam, MarahDeo has extensive experience and knowledge in the field of biochemicals. At their Calcium and Bone Health Institute, countless clinical trials are pursued to further scientific knowledge, having contributed to the development of more effective treatments for patients with calcium related diseases such as osteoporosis. MarahDeo strives to provide access to safe, effective and reliable supplements.