B.C. Field Sampling Manual

The British Columbia Field Sampling Manual (BCFSM) sets out QA/QC requirements, sampling procedures, protocols, and equipment that must be followed by permit holders for environmental monitoring and sample collection. Additionally the BCFSM is openly published for use by environmental practitioners to provide guidance and consistency in sampling, and ultimately the data produced by that sampling. The BCFSM is a living document that is updated periodically to ensure it provides current and accountable guidance.

Currently, the Field Sampling Manual is only available in its individual Parts.

Methods posted for review

The following methods are posted for a minimum of 30 days. Stakeholders and members of the public are encouraged to review these methods and provide any feedback or concerns to the Senior Laboratory Specialist. Contact information is provided in the panel on the right.

Methods awaiting approval

The following methods have undergone a public review process. The methods may have been modified to reflect information produced during the review period but still require director’s approval to publish.

  • No methods awaiting approval at this time

Methods approved for publication

The following methods have undergone a public review process and have been approved by a Director for publication. The date of publication has yet to be determined however it is important to recognize that these methods supersede those that are currently published in the BCFSM. 

  • No methods approved for publication at this time