Lake Monitoring

Kathlyn Lake

Monitoring the water quality of lakes is essential to understanding current conditions, as well as changes in natural processes and the influences of human activities over time. This knowledge can then be used to determine the ecological health of lakes and lead to the development of sound, science-based plans and tools for watershed management. The need for lake monitoring and watershed planning is increasing due to potential impacts from multiple stressors, including population growth, land development, recreation, and climate change.

The BC Lake Monitoring Program aims to better understand and report on these changes to provide the best knowledge for lake stewardship.

Overview of the program


To be provincial leaders in lake water quality monitoring and experts in B.C. limnology.


To coordinate and implement science-based provincial lake monitoring, that provides timely, consistent, and accurate long-term water quality trend data.

There are two components of the Lake Monitoring Program:

  1. Long-Term Lake Trends

  2. Volunteer Lake Monitoring