Reports, publications and guides for pesticides

Find reference materials designed to help pest control managers understand and navigate legislated requirements. 


View reports collected for compliance and enforcement of the Integrated Pest Management Act (IPM).

Compliance reports

Results for inspections of parties regulated under the IPM.

Inspection lists

Spreadsheets containing data on authorization holders in various sectors and their compliance results.

Audit reports

Reports are for compliance with the B.C. Integrated Pest Management Act (IPM).


Look up specific information and requirements from the Integrated Pest Management Act and Regulation that are important for specified pest management sectors.


Manuals related to home, garden, landscape and structural pest management that are available to order.

Home and Garden Pest Management Guide for British Columbia (2009)

Find information and suggestions for pest prevention and integrated pest management that can be used at home or in your garden.

Integrated Pest Management Manuals

These handbooks by L.A. Gilkeson and R.W. Adams are used in certification training for pesticide applicators.

  • Integrated Pest Management Manual for Landscape Pests in British Columbia (2000): Chapters cover specific types of sites and pest problems including weeds, insects, diseases, general vegetation management
  • Integrated Pest Management Manual for Structural Pests in British Columbia (1996): Chapters cover specific pests common in B.C., such as carpenter ants, cockroaches, fleas, rodents, stored products pests, termites, silverfish and others

Order Integrated Pest Management Manuals

Pesticide sales and use surveys in B.C.

Review the comparative analysis of trends in pesticide sales and use.