Explanatory Notes - Forestry, Noxious Weed and Industrial Vegetation Management

Individuals who work in forestry, noxious weed and industrial vegetation management can use this reference document to interpret the Integrated Pest Management Act and Regulation. It contains:

  • A summary of relevant regulatory requirements
  • Guidance on meeting the requirements
  • Examples of ways to comply with the regulation
  • Sources of additional information

The document will be released in phases.  Phase One explains the requirements associated with developing a Pest Management Plan (PMP). Phase Two explains the requirements for the rest of the Regulation.

Phase One

Phase One explains how to develop a Pest Management Plan (PMP). Please note that some references to sections in Phase One will not be available until Phase Two has been released. Phase One of the Explanatory Notes is now complete. The current version is dated March 2012 – please check your copy to make sure you have the latest version.

Phase Two

A second phase of the explanatory notes will offer information that relates to operational requirements including:

  • The Notice of Intent to Treat
  • Using Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  • Public notification
  • Standards for pesticide use
  • Maintenance of records and annual summary submissions

Get Updates

Eventually, both phases of the explanatory notes will be merged into a single reference publication. For now, Phase Two drafts will be released in small sections. Notice will be sent by e-link when sections are updated or added.