Pesticide use in business and industry

If you’re a pest management professional or a business that sells or uses pesticides, find out when authorizations are required and access information or tools designed specifically for the work that you do.

Most business activities that involve using or selling pesticides require authorization, such as a pesticide licence, confirmation or permit. Authorization is required if you:

  • Sell non-excluded pesticides
  • Apply pesticides as a service or business
  • Apply pesticides on public land
  • Use pesticides on a non-service basis for specific industries (for example, you apply pesticides as part of your business on land that you own or manage)

Find out which authorization is required: read a summary of the regulation (PDF, 526KB).

Selling pesticides

A vendor licence is required to sell pesticides. The type of licence you need depends on the class of pesticide you sell: domestic, commercial, restricted or permit-restricted. 

Sector-specific tools and guides

If you use pesticides as part of your work or you apply pesticides to public land, find out if you need a licence, confirmation or permit and access guides specific to your business.

Get authorization to use pesticides

Access application forms and other information about getting a certificate, licence, confirmation or permit to sell or use pesticides

Record-keeping and reporting

Keep your pesticide records up-to-date - access the forms needed for reporting all pesticides applications activities