Pesticide use

Sometimes pesticides are needed to control pests. Pesticides must be used safely and according to legal requirements.

Alternatives to pesticides

If prevention hasn’t worked and you have a pest problem, consider alternatives to pesticides like trapping, physical barriers or noise devices. While you may find recipes for homemade pesticides on the internet, these have not been scientifically tested. Preparing, storing and using homemade pesticides can still pose risk to your health and the environment. The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy does not endorse any homemade pesticide preparations.

Use pesticides safely

The federal and provincial government have safety standards and regulations on using pesticides. This includes the storage and disposal of pesticides. Use pesticides in a way that won’t harm you, your pets or other living things in your garden by carefully following directions on the pesticide label.

Use pesticides legally

Many municipalities in B.C. have passed bylaws restricting pesticide use on ornamental plants and lawns. Know what the bylaws are in your area and be sure to follow them at home and at work.

Pesticide certificates

Most businesses that sell or use pesticides must employ certified people. Learn about the different types of certificates, and find out how to get study materials, sign up for classes or take an exam.