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2020 News & Updates 

26 March 2020

The ministry recognizes that we are facing rapidly changing situations as we cope with the effects of COVID-19 in our province.  Everyone in B.C. must follow the orders and directives issued by the provincial health officer to protect public health and it is recognized it could have impacts on the day-to-day operations of regulated activities under the Integrated Pest Management Act. 

Authorization requirements remain in effect and it is expected that all reasonable measures should be taken to comply.  Now is a good time to carefully review requirements and develop plans and contingencies to ensure operations are maintained in accordance with requirements for the foreseeable future.  If an authorization holder encounters a non-compliance issue, the Ministry asks you to provide notice via ipmreporting@gov.bc.ca identifying compliance issues, rationale, and mitigative measures being taken. The Ministry will take into consideration the consequences of PHO directives and guidance in addressing non-compliances.

The ministry currently has staffing resources in place to maintain all core business functions. All electronic mailboxes and normal communication channels remain open and are being monitored regularly.  Authorization holders should contact the ministry through all the usual channels.  Please note that all meetings will be handled by phone or online.

28 February 2020

The purpose of this Pest Management Regulatory Agency Guidance Document is to inform all stakeholders of standard definitions of application types and human health precautionary label statements for structural pest control products (SPCPs). The revised definitions will provide a uniform language through which all stakeholders in the structural pest control industry can communicate. Also, the human health precautionary statements will help facilitate consistency in the language used for various risk mitigation measures to minimize exposure to those applying the SPCPs and those entering and/or residing in treated areas.



13 February 2020

The 2018 Integrated Pest Management Act Inspection Report and associated Inspection List are now posted online. The report includes inspection results, compliance and enforcement outcomes, and promotion work highlights.