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Addressing climate change in British Columbia depends on all of us. Learn more about opportunities to use cleaner fuels, reduce waste, and get involved.

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How B.C. is taking action on climate change

Decades of human activities, like burning fossil fuels and clearing land, have produced too many greenhouse gases (GHGs). These GHGs are causing a sustained rise in temperature that is already affecting our climate and our communities.

B.C. has committed to reduce GHG emissions in our province 40% from 2007 levels by 2030.

CleanBC is the Province's strategy to meet our climate goals, create more jobs and economic opportunities. The new Roadmap to 2030 builds on the progress we've made and sets the course to fulfill our net-zero commitment by 2050. It speeds up the shift away from fossil fuels, encourages more innovation and makes every part of our economy cleaner while creating new economic opportunities.

In B.C., transportation, industry and our buildings and communities are the greatest sources of GHGs. We’re working together with local governments, industry and others to focus on these sectors.

We’re also preparing the province for the impacts of climate change we are already facing, as well as those to come with B.C.'s Climate Preparedness and Adaptation Strategy.

A pie graph of B.C.'s emissions. Transportation makes up 39%, buildings and communities 21% and industry is 40%.

What we can do to address climate change


Find ideas, inspiration and rebates to make change at home, on the go and in your community


Resources for young people in B.C. to take action, share your ideas and learn more about clean jobs and training


Indigenous communities

Resources for Indigenous communities to support actionthat reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for climate impacts

Learn more and explore

From protecting our communities and landscapes to creating new business opportunities, there are many reasons to take action on climate change. Check out several perspectives below:

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