Supporting B.C.'s Manufacturing Sector

British Columbia’s vibrant manufacturing sector is a key economic driver in B.C.’s economy. B.C. manufacturing:

  • Generates billions of dollars in salaries, sales, and exports
  • Adds value to our natural resources 
  • Raises the export value of our products
  • Creates highly skilled, good jobs in our communities
  • Supports innovation and increases B.C.’s global competitiveness

B.C.’s strong and growing economy offers tremendous potential and advantages for manufacturers. It's one of North America’s most competitive and dynamic business locations. Some of the most successful and innovative companies in the world have chosen British Columbia as a base.

Be sure to check out our publication Growing BC’s Small and Medium Sized Manufacturers (PDF 1.8MB) to see provincial support programs for B.C. businesses.

Manufacturing Advantages


B.C.’s manufacturing sector provides opportunities for businesses to innovate and to improve productivity and competitiveness.

Many B.C. companies like Saltworks Technologies, AI Industries and STEMCELL Technologies embrace and use the latest technology, developed in collaboration across industries and with government support.

Global markets

Manufacturers have easy access to international markets through our major ports of Vancouver and Prince Rupert, and strong trading relationships with Asian markets and abroad.

Skilled workforce

A local, highly-skilled workforce is supported through provincial programs like the Sector Labour Market Partnerships, Innovate BC and WorkBC.

Positive business climate

Manufacturers benefit from the small business tax cut and will be able to take advantage of the elimination of the non-residential PST on electricity in 2019.

Manufacturers can also access the Small Business Venture Capital Tax Credit, an investment incentive for businesses seeking to invest, and tax measures that support an accelerated write-off of capital assets.

Manufacturing Snapshot  

Steady growth

Between 2013 and 2018, B.C. had the fourth fastest-growing manufacturing sector in Canada, in terms of percentage Gross Domestic Product.

Diverse industry

B.C.’s diverse manufacturing sector draws on natural resources to create high-quality and innovative forestry, mining and agri-food products.

B.C. also has strong non-resource manufacturing, including:

  • Shipbuilding
  • Aerospace
  • Clean-tech
  • Life sciences

Economic impacts

In 2018, manufactured goods accounted for 61% of B.C.’s total goods exports to international destinations. Every 100 direct jobs in the manufacturing sector supports 80 jobs in the rest of the economy.

Employment income

Manufacturing provides well-paying, high-skilled job opportunities. Workers in the sector have weekly earnings that are 13% higher than the provincial average.