Economic Development

Economic growth and diversification benefits communities, industries and families in regions across B.C. Find funding, tools, resources, best practices and services to realize your community’s economic development potential.

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Find financial support for your economic development initiatives by easily searching our database. 

Find Support Organizations and Community Partners

Learn about organizations that can help you promote partnerships within your community. Find out more about services available to either build upon your community’s economic capacity or recover after a major economic downturn.

Plan and Measure Your Economic Development Efforts

Learn the basics of economic development, and find out more on how to develop a strategic plan and measure the impact of your economic development activities. 

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Find information and resources on how to support a healthy and vibrant business climate in your community.

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Find out how to position your community to attract investment, help an existing business to grow or execute your economic development strategy.

BC Ideas Exchange: Learn From Experts

BC Ideas Exchange is a space for peer-to-peer sharing of economic development ideas, promising practices and community collaboration in B.C.

Develop Economic Sectors

Find information on how to support and grow different economic sectors in your community.