CleanBC Industrial Incentive Program

The CleanBC Industrial Incentive Program (CIIP) supports emissions reductions and industrial competitiveness by providing incentives for cleaner industrial operations that meet a world-leading low-carbon emissions benchmark. The level of incentive payment is based on the performance of each industrial operation.

How the program works

Emissions intensity benchmarks have been set for the majority of B.C.’s industry sectors.

If an industrial facility has an emissions intensity that is below the emissions benchmark for that sector, it may be eligible to receive a payment equal to the amount of incremental carbon tax (i.e. above $30 per tonne CO2e) paid in the previous year.

Operations that have low emissions but do not fully meet the low-carbon benchmark for their sector may still be eligible for a partial incentive on a sliding scale, if they meet an eligibility threshold.

For the current year, all facilities will receive a minimum incentive payment of 75% of incremental carbon tax paid above $30 per tonne. Facilities that would have received a higher percentage based on their emissions intensity, will receive that higher percentage. Facilities receiving the minimum payment of 75% will be required to submit an emission reduction plan to receive the payment.

Who is eligible?

The CleanBC Industrial Incentive Program is open to businesses that emit more than 10,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) per year and/or those that report under the Greenhouse Gas Industrial Reporting and Control Act, that have taken all reasonable measures to comply with the requirements under the Act. Sectors, listed in the table below, are NOT eligible for the program.

Sector Eligibility

Sector Facility Type North American Industry Classification System CIIP Eligibility
Agriculture    Food Crops Grown under Cover 111419 Limited to carbon tax amount not already covered by the Greenhouse Tax Relief Grant Program.
Natural Gas Distribution Natural Gas Distribution 221210 Not eligible
Waste Treatment Sewage Treatment Facilities 221320 Not eligible
Waste Treatment Waste Treatment and Disposal 562210 Not eligible
Electricity Fossil fuel electric power generation 221112 Not eligible
Electricity Electric bulk power transmission and control 221121 Not eligible
Electricity Electricity import operations   Not eligible
Electricity Hydro electric power generation facilities 221111 Not eligible
Electricity Other Electric power generation facilities 2211119 Not eligible

How to apply

Applications for the CleanBC Industrial Incentive Program are due August 31, 2020. To apply:

To learn more about the CIIP program, refer to the CIIP Fact Sheet (PDF)

For additional guidance materials on quantifying facility emissions and production volumes or for other application requirements, please email

GGIRCA Bulletins

Greenhouse Gas Industrial Reporting and Control Act (GGIRCA) Bulletins contain important legal information that may be relevant for your emission report. Bulletins are published and amended regularly on the Bulletins, Legislation and Guidance webpage.

Program Benchmarks and Thresholds

NAICS Code Sector Benchmark Threshold Units
331313 Aluminum Smelting 1.87 In progress and Confidential* tCO2e/t aluminum
327310 Cement equivalent 0.69 Confidential* tCO2e/t cement equivalent
325189 Chemicals – hydrogen peroxide 0.86 Confidential* tCO2e/t hydrogen peroxide
212114 Coal 0.063 0.132 tCO2e/t coal
212233 Copper equivalent – open pit mine 1.19 4.11 tCO2e/t copper equivalent
212233 Copper – underground mine 1.31 Confidential* tCO2e/t copper equivalent
  Electricity as a non-primary product 75% of incremental carbon tax returned for electricity that is sold to the grid    
212220 Gold Equivalent 4,501.1 6,430.1 tCO2e/t gold equivalent
111419 Greenhouses – eligible plants 578 Confidential* tCO2e/hectare of eligible plant-growing area
111412 Greenhouses – cannabis plants 707 In progress tCO2e/hectare of cannabis plant-growing area
327420 Gypsum – gypsum wallboard 0.093 Confidential* tCO2e/1000 square feet of gypsum wallboard
331410 Lead-Zinc Smelting 1.27 Confidential* tCO2e/t lead-zinc
327410 Lime – high calcium lime 0.954 Confidential* tCO2e/t lime and lime kiln dust
211110 Oil and Gas – processing, sour gas 0.0176 0.0848 tCO2e/m3OE production
211110 Oil and Gas – processing, sweet gas 0.0080 0.0848 tCO2e/m3OE production


Oil and Gas - compression, centrifugal 0.4784 0.8592 tCO2e/MWh consumed energy


Oil and Gas – compression, reciprocating 0.5292 0.8592 tCO2e/MWh consumed energy
211110 Other oil and gas 100% of incremental carbon tax    
324110 Petroleum Refining 0.00398 Confidential* tCO2e/BCRCT
322112 Pulp and Paper – chemical pulp 0.0506 0.461 tCO2e/t chemical pulp


Pulp and Paper – other pulp 0.0207 0.433 tCO2e/t other pulp
212220 Silver equivalent 100.31 In progress tCO2e/t silver equivalent
331511 Forged Steel balls (<3.5” diameter) 0.080 Confidential* tCO2e/t steel balls
331511 Forged Steel balls (>4” diameter) 0.085 Confidential* tCO2e/t steel balls
331222 Steel wire-hot dip galvanization 0.129 In progress tCO2e/t hot dip galvanization
311310 Sugar – solid sugar 0.14 Confidential* tCO2e/t sugar
311310 Sugar – liquid sugar 0.15 Confidential* tCO2e/t solid sugar within liquid sugar
321*** Wood Products – lumber 0.03 0.132 tCO2e/m3 lumber
321*** Wood Products – plywood 0.07 Confidential* tCO2e/m3 plywood
321*** Wood products – veneer 0.03 Confidential* tCO2e/m3 veneer
321*** Wood products – wood pellets 0.132 Confidential* tCO2e/t wood pellets
321*** Wood products – wood chips 0.102 Confidential* tCO2e/m3 wood chips
321*** Wood products – Medium density fibreboard 0.287 Confidential* tCO2e/m3 MDF
Rendering and Animal by-products 0.326 Confidential* tCO2e/t protein & fat

*Threshold confidential for sectors with few facilities in order to protect production information

CIIP Application Reporting Guidance Documents and Spreadsheets

Sector Guidance Document Spreadsheet
General Application Reporting Guidance (for all sectors) Guidance Incentive Estimator spreadsheet
Aluminum Sector Guidance Spreadsheet
Bituminous Coal Sector Guidance n/a
Cement Sector Guidance Spreadsheet
Chemical Sector (hydrogen peroxide) Guidance Spreadsheet
Forged Steel Ball Sector Guidance n/a
Greenhouse Sector Guidance Spreadsheet
Gypsum Sector Guidance n/a
Lead Zinc Sector Guidance n/a
Lime Sector Guidance Spreadsheet
Metal Mining Sector (gold, copper, silver) Guidance Spreadsheet
Oil and Gas Sector Guidance Spreadsheet
Oil Refineries Guidance Spreadsheet
Pulp and Paper Sector Guidance Spreadsheet
Rendering Sector Guidance n/a
Steel Wire Sector Guidance Spreadsheet
Sugar Refining Sector Guidance Spreadsheet
Wood Products Sector Guidance Spreadsheet