How to Set Up Society Bylaws

Option 1: Adopt the Model Bylaws

The easiest way to set up your bylaws is to adopt the model bylaws as a set, without any changes.The model bylaws are intended to provide a sample framework of basic procedural rules for the convenience of new societies when they incorporate.

 Make sure all the provisions are suitable for your society as you will be adopting the entire set of bylaws as is.

For example, Bylaw 3.7 provides that proxy voting is not permitted so this bylaw would not be suitable for a society that intends to allow its voting members to appoint proxy holders.

Option 2: Create Your Own Bylaws

If you wish to create bylaws to suit your specific organization you can use the model bylaws as a guide or start from scratch. Whatever you choose, make sure the bylaws for your society

  • Contain the matters (provisions) required by Section 11 of the Societies Act
  • Are in English
  • Are in a text format that can be uploaded, copied and compared (.doc, .docx, .wps, .txt, .rtf,  or .pdf)

Societies are responsible for ensuring their bylaws comply with the Societies Act. Please seek legal advice if you require assistance in drafting or changing bylaws.