File an Annual Report

Incorporated societies must hold an annual general meeting (AGM) each calendar year and file an annual report.

When to File

File your society’s annual report each year within 30 days after the annual general meeting.  Societies are not required to hold an annual general meeting or file an annual report the year they incorporate.

Annual Report Reminders

Set up an annual report reminder for next year when you file your annual report. The reminder is sent to the primary and alternate (if given) email address we have on file for your society.

File with Societies Online

File annual reports for your society through Societies Online and pay by

  • Credit card
  • Pre-authorized debit or
  • BC OnLine account

Before logging in, make sure you know the annual general meeting date.

Don't have internet access? You may also complete your filing at a Service BC location by using a community access terminal.

Using Societies Online for the first time? You will need to set up a Basic BCeID account and have your Society’s Registry Key (password) handy before you start.

Financial Statements and Minutes – Financial statements and meeting minutes do not need to be filed with the society’s annual report.  Keep these documents at your society’s registered office.

Changing Society Information – If there has been a change to the delivery or mailing address of the registered office, or a change in director information as a result of an annual general meeting, you will have the opportunity to change the information at the same time you file the annual report.

Request an Extension

If your society is unable to hold an annual general meeting within the calendar year, you may request an extension through Societies Online. You have until December 31st to do this. Before you request an extension, make sure your society is up to date on holding its annual general meetings and has filed all its annual reports for previous calendar years.

If the request for an extension is granted, your society must hold an annual general meeting between January 1 and March 31 of the following calendar year. A meeting held in this extended period is deemed to have taken place the previous calendar year. An annual general meeting must still be held (and an annual report filed) for the current calendar year.

What to Do If No Meeting is Held

If your society does not hold an annual general meeting, file an annual report noting that no annual general meeting was held in the calendar year. You have until January 31 to do this.

If you have missed the annual general meeting extension date given to you by the registrar, file an annual report noting that no meeting was held. Do this within 30 days of the date the meeting should have been held (given to you by the registrar).


If a society fails to file an annual report or hold an annual general meeting for two consecutive years, the registrar may send notice of the registrar's power to dissolve the society.

To avoid dissolution, the society must hold an annual general meeting in the same year the notice is sent and file an annual report for that annual general meeting, along with any outstanding annual reports from previous years.