Can Your Society Be a Member-funded Society?

If the answer is yes to any of the following, your society cannot be a member-funded society:

  • Is your society a registered charity or another “qualified donee” under the Income Tax Act (Canada)?
  • Has your society, in its previous two financial years, received government funding or public donations of more than $20,000, and that amount constituted more than 10% of its gross income?
  • Is your society a student society under the College and Institute Act or the University Act?
  • Is your society a hospital society or a society that owns, manages or operates a licensed community care facility that is designated as a hospital society under the Hospital Act?
  • Does your society receive or has your society received loans or grants of money from the British Columbia Housing Management Commission?
  • Is your society or has your society been a service provider under the Community Living Authority Act?
  • Is your society an authority that has received a grant for the previous school year under the Independent School Act?