Picnic Area endorsement

This page summarizes information from the Manufacturer Terms and Conditions Handbook and Liquor Policy Manual. Please refer to those policy documents for the most complete and updated information. 


Patrons may consume liquor in the picnic area that has been sold or served to them in other service areas at the Manufacturer site. Manufacturer licensees may not serve or sell liquor in the picnic area.

Preparing your application

Before you apply, you must:

  • received zoning confirmation and approval of your proposed capacity from your local government or Indigenous nation

A picnic area may be a single area or multiple areas (as long as the combined area does not exceed 1000 m squared).

A picnic area must not be used as an overflow area of a lounge. 


There is no fee to apply for a new picnic area endorsement or to make changes to a picnic area.

See the change a manufacturer licence webpage for more information.

Add a Picnic Area endorsement

Operational requirements

Type of service

Patrons must obtain their liquor (purchased or free) from other service areas and carry it to the picnic area. Liquor may not be sold or served in the picnic area. Patrons may serve themselves liquor in the picnic area. 

Service areas may include the manufacturer's on-site store or an adjacent restaurant or bar that is owned by the manufacturer.


The hours of a picnic area are between 9 a.m. and no later than half an hour after sunset. Any further restriction in hours will be noted on your liquor licence.

Signage and boundary

A picnic area must not overlap a lounge or sampling area.

The picnic area must have a clearly defined boundary (e.g., fencing, trees/plants, barrels). This helps patrons know where they may consume liquor.

Signage should identify the space as a picnic area, including:

  • the maximum number of people permitted
  • that the sale and service of liquor is prohibited in the picnic area


Amplified sound in or near the picnic area is not permitted, except if there is amplified sound during an event in a nearby Special Event Area (SEA).

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