Liquor licensing forms

Last updated on May 14, 2024

Licence and permit specific forms


Food Primary Licence


Catering Licence


Special Event Permit



Requests for Services and Records

Request for Services - Admin (LCRB040A)

To request services such as

  • A copy of your liquor licence or other documents such as establishment photographs, blueprints, and more. See Appendix for a full list of documents. 

Request for Services - CST (LCRB040B)

To request services such as

  • Validated floor plans
  • Comfort letter

Charitable Auction Permit

To apply for a charitable auction permit, see the following application:

To report the revenues and expenses associated with your charitable auction event, use the following form:



Paying by credit card

Do not include credit card information on email applications. 

Instead, fax, mail or phone in your credit card information.

  • Emails with credit card information will be deleted and the payment will not be processed