On-site store endorsement

Last updated on June 28, 2024

This webpage summarizes information from the Manufacturer Terms and Conditions Handbook and Liquor Policy Manual. Please refer to those policy documents for the most complete and updated information.


The on-site store endorsement allows Manufacturer licensees to sell packaged liquor to customers:

Preparing your application

Before you apply, check with your local government or Indigenous nation to make sure zoning permits retail sales of liquor on-site.

You do not have to construct a physical store. You could simply have a sales counter or other area to process sales, or only an online store.

You'll need to submit a floor plan for your on-site store endorsement though you don't need an occupant load. 

If you wish to change the layout of your store, you may need to apply for a structural change. See Section 15.2 of the Liquor Policy Manual to learn more. 

One on-site store endorsement for each manufacturer licence is permitted.

Multiple licences and businesses

If you hold multiple manufacturer licences on the same site (e.g. winery and brewery), you may have a separate store for each licence or share a single store (no need to separate your products). 

If you operate another licence at your site that is not a manufacturer, food primary, or liquor primary licence, a six (6) foot wall must separate your store from that licensed area (i.e., Catering licence).

Similarly, if you operate another unlicensed business at your site, you must also construct a six (6) foot wall and ensure there's no direct access between the store and the unlicensed business(es). See section 4.11.1 of the Liquor Policy Manual for details.


The application fee is $110 and the yearly renewal fee is $110.  See Schedule 1 of the Liquor Control and Licensing Regulation

Add an On-site Store endorsement

Operational requirements

Type of products

Liquor products

You may sell packaged liquor that you manufacture on-site or contract manufacture under your licence.  All liquor products must be registered with the Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB). 

Your sales agreement with the LDB determines what products you're authorized to sell, such as growlers of beer, cider, or wine. To learn more, see your "Direct Delivery Information Sheet" on the LDB website

The prices of your liquor products must be equal to or more than the minimum price requirements. See the terms and conditions handbook for details or use this spreadsheet to calculate the minimum price.

Non-liquor products

You may sell liquor-related products in your store, such as:

  • Wine racks and corkscrews
  • Books about liquor
  • Clothing with your business name
  • Mixers
  • Liquor related food items such as crackers and cheese.

You may not sell tobacco products, or confectionery items such as candy or gum.

Your customers

You may sell liquor to:

  • Patrons
  • Liquor licensees
  • Special Event Permit (SEP) holders

 See the "Direct Delivery Information Sheet"  for your Liquor Distribution Branch sales agreement to learn more.

Online retail sales and delivery

An online store is subject to the same product restrictions as your on-site store. Your online store must be clearly associated with your manufacturer licence whether advertising on your own website or a third-party website. 

You may deliver liquor to customers from your store and temporarily from an off-site storage facility.

See the terms and conditions handbook to learn about all the requirements for online sales and delivery.

Loyalty programs

You may offer rewards, loyalty, or other incentive programs to regular customers. These programs may be structured as points systems, a progressive scale of discounts, or the awarding of gifts at predetermined purchasing thresholds. Loyalty points can also be redeemed for gift cards that can be used towards purchasing liquor as long as the amount paid by the customer through the gift card meets or exceeds the minimum price.

You must ensure that the value of loyalty points redeemed do not reduce the retail price of the liquor below the minimum price requirements. See example below: 


Minimum retail price

Retail price

Loyal Points Redeemed


Bottle of wine



100 =$1 discount

$7.00 = minimum price requirement ✔

Bottle of wine



200 =$2 discount

$6.00 = lower than minimum price  ✖


A liquor manufacturer may donate liquor to a charitable fundraising event or charitable auction if the permittee is a non-profit organization or nonprofit corporation. Manufacturers may be eligible to purchase liquor for donation from the LDB at the wholesale price. 


Games and entertainment are not permitted in your store, unless it overlaps with a special event area or lounge endorsement. Entertainment and games are permitted in the service area associated with the lounge or special event area endorsement. 

See the section ‘entertainment and events’ in your terms and conditions handbook for more information. 

Policy documents


Contact information

For questions and technical support, email the LCRB client support team. 

Client support team

Contact information

Selling your liquor products is subject to your sales agreement with the Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB). Email the LDB if you have questions about direct delivery or your sales agreement.