Liquor advertising and online promotions

Last updated on March 6, 2023


Liquor advertising


All liquor licensee advertising and online promotions must follow the:

People who do not hold a liquor licence, for example, third-party delivery services, may advertise liquor but not

  • Brands
  • Manufacturers
  • Prices

Liquor advertising rules

Signs and advertisements

Liquor signs and advertisements can’t

  • Encourage people to drink liquor or to drink irresponsibly
    • If a licensee's price advertising encourages or results in patrons drinking to excess, the LCRB can prevent the licensee from including liquor prices in future advertising
  • Show people who are
    • Drinking liquor
    • Intoxicated
    • Behaving irresponsibly or illegally
  • Associate liquor with driving
  • Be directed at minors
  • Placed in locations used or visited mostly by minors
    • For example, video arcades
  • Depict liquor as a
    • Necessity
    • Key to social acceptance or personal success
    • Central part of an activity’s enjoyment
    • Status symbol

Bars and winery lounges

Ads for bars and winery lounges can’t depict

  • Minors (anyone under the age of 19)
  • Personalities, images or activities that may appeal to minors
  • People with liquor unless there is also food in front of them


Ads for restaurants must

  • Make clear that serving food is the restaurant's primary purpose
  • Not show people with liquor unless there is also food in front of them


Ads for companies that make beer, wine or spirits can’t

  • Be shown on a theatre screen, before a movie, with a young, target audience

Online advertising and social media

Licensed establishments may use the internet as part of their advertising and sales strategy. 

Read the rules for advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and business websites:

Internet-based retail liquor sales without a licence are not allowed. These are often called  “virtual liquor stores.”

Contests and giveaways

Liquor and gift-cards for liquor must not be offered as a prize in contests and giveaways. See the liquor licence terms and conditions handbooks for more information. 

If a liquor ad concerns you

If you see a liquor ad, internet sales promotion, or social media post that breaks any of these rules, submit a complaint to the LCRB.

You will need to

  • Describe the ad
  • Tell us where and when you saw the ad

We review all complaints. If the ad violates regulations, we may investigate and take enforcement action.

For information about cannabis rules, visit cannabis advertising and promotion.

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