Liquor licensee signs and posters

Two pieces of ID required

Alcohol Sense posters and tent cards

The General Manager of the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch requires that liquor licensees display educational information regarding the responsible consumption of liquor.

The following licensees are required to display at least one social responsibility poster or tent card in a prominent location in their establishments:

  • Food primary establishments
  • Liquor primary establishments
    • Including clubs
  • Liquor manufacturing establishments
  • Liquor retail stores
  • Wine stores
    • Including special wine stores
  • Rural licensee retail stores
  • U-Brew and UVin establishments

The current Alcohol Sense social responsibility posters can be downloaded here:

More information about the mandatory display of social responsibility materials can be found in the licence terms and conditions handbooks.

To request new posters and tent cards, email

UBrew and UVin - notice to customers

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