Doctor's certificate for B.C. government employees

Last updated: April 21, 2023

Changes due to COVID-19

In the circumstance of COVID-19 related absences, an ST02 form or doctor’s certificate is not required for sick pay. Discussion between employee and supervisor can often resolve questions about prognosis. For other conditions, an ST02 may be required.

A doctor’s certificate form may be required for safety sensitive occupations or other essential services employees to enable the employer to meet their legislated obligations to plan and manage a safe return to work.

Supervisors are encouraged to review safety clearance to work questions with an Occupational Health Nurse or Injury Recovery Specialist involved in the disability absence case. There may already be sufficient information with the Occupational Health and Rehabilitation (OHR) team to resolve the question about clearance.

Telehealth doctor’s certificate form

The telehealth doctor's certificate form can be used for telephone and/or virtual medical appointments during COVID-19 as outlined above.

This form is for B.C. government employee use only.

This form is to be completed by the employee (Part A and B) and physician or nurse practitioner (Part C and Physician’s Confidential Report), then forwarded to Occupational Health and Rehabilitation. OHR staff will review all telehealth doctor’s certificate forms and a clinician will update the supervisor if required. 

Employee: Please forward both the completed telehealth doctor’s certificate form and instruction to your physician or nurse practitioner. Once completed by your physician or nurse practitioner you should obtain a copy of the form and provide a copy without the Physician’s Confidential Report Section to your supervisor. You are not required to provide your confidential diagnostic information to your supervisor.

Doctor's certificate form (ST02)

The doctor’s certificate form (ST02) is a two-part form designed to provide:

  • A supervisor with guidance about an employee’s limitations, restrictions, and return to work prognosis (short portion of the form)
  • Confidential diagnostic information directly, and only, to Occupational Health and Rehabilitation (long portion of the form)

This form is for B.C. government employee use only.

The short portion is provided to supervisors who are responsible for identifying modified duties within their work units that meet an employee’s restrictions and limitations. It also provides supervisors with the return to work prognosis. Supervisors need to keep the short portion of the form in the work unit as a record.

Employees are instructed to forward the long portion, which contains confidential diagnostic information, directly to Occupational Health and Rehabilitation.

A quick reference guide at the very front of the form outlines responsibilities and explains how to use the form. Employees can obtain the form from their supervisor.

Employees will be reimbursed by their work unit or ministry for 50 percent of the cost of completing the form.

Supervisors and managers can order the form by logging into their office’s account with the Distribution Centre Victoria (DCV).

Once you’re logged in:

  • Search under 'Forms'
  • Select or search for 'Short Term Illness and Injury Plan Doctor’s Certificate - Product #7530951064'