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Executives play a pivotal role in leading organizations in the execution of government's strategic corporate agenda. 

As key contributors, executives commit to the business goals of government and their ministry, support the deputy minister and develop strategies to implement government policy. Executives are accountable for the execution of strategies to achieve goals and are measured for their performance.

To achieve government's vision, executives must position and structure their organization to maximize its effectiveness. Executives practice strategic thinking in translating the vision to goals and strategies and support their accomplishment through facilitation and leading change.

In stakeholder relationships, executives ensure that they're enhancing the organization's relationships with external partners and stakeholders. This includes building strategic alliances, managing conflicts among different stakeholders, negotiating effectively to derive optimum solutions and effectively communicating ideas, analyses and proposals to stakeholders.

Executives model integrity and authenticity, building a culture of trust, integrity, risk-taking and creative thinking in the organization through demonstrating personal integrity, using feedback to self improve, following through on commitments and acting consistently with the espoused values and culture of the organization.

In leading people, executives must motivate, empower and lead employees to accomplish goals and objectives. They reward high performance, promote empowerment and develop their employees, provide opportunities for growth and manage issues with their organization.

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