Tax and revenue administration careers

Joining the Ministry of Finance's revenue division means being part of a diverse group of employees working to provide British Columbians with fair, efficient and effective tax administration and revenue management services.

These important activities help support the overall economic health of the province and assist in generating stable revenues to fund the provision of important government programs and services.

Working in the field of tax administration offers an exceptional opportunity to match rewarding work with exciting career development opportunities. The Ministry of Finance is committed to training and developing employees to provide the skills needed to continue learning and realize individual career goals.

The size and breadth of the division offers a wide variety of work experiences with many different job streams. We have staff working in a number of disciplines ranging from entry level clerical positions to analysts and professionals with policy, communications, accounting, legal, investigations and collections backgrounds.

What we offer 

  • A benefits package and defined pension plan that support employees and their family needs
  • A collaborative and engaging team environment
  • A workplace that welcomes diversity
  • A flexible work environment
  • Competitive salaries
  • An environment of continual learning and individual development
  • An opportunity to build and advance your career in the public service

Ministry of Finance Career Profile - Martha

Martha Thomas: 'I’m Martha Thomas. I’m the Director of Financial Management and Reporting for the Ministry of Finance.'

Text on screen: 'What is your educational background?'

Martha Thomas: 'So, I got out of high school and I did my degree at the University of Toronto in history and political science and that wasn’t quite enough. So, I ended up going back to school to Camosun College to do the business admin program, and after being completely inspired by one of my instructors, I decided to become a CA.'

'Did you always know that you wanted to work in the financial stream?'

'No. No, I had no idea what I wanted to do then. After being a store detective and a cashier and a bouncer in a bar, anything was up from there.'

Text on screen: 'What is the greatest misconception about working in the financial stream for the provincial government?'

Martha Thomas: 'Don’t think that it’s strictly about numbers. I’ve been really fortunate – I’ve been in government for 12 years almost now and I’ve traveled across the province. I’ve met some incredible people. It's so much more than just crunching numbers. It’s so much more than just putting spreadsheets together. It has so much to do with developing relationships and supporting the businesses across government.'

Text on screen: 'What is the best part of your job?'

Martha Thomas: 'That there is the 2 aspects. You get to meet some really neat people and you get to help people accomplish some really interesting goals.'

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There are no external postings at this time.

Please visit the BC Public Service job opportunities page for more information.

Surplus Cash Strategy (Premier's Awards 2015)

A Timely Tax (Premier's Awards 2017)

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