Executive opportunities

Last updated: September 22, 2023

Executives play a pivotal role as leaders in the execution of government's strategic corporate agenda.

Executives commit to the business goals of government and their ministry, support the deputy minister and develop strategies to implement government policy.

Executives are accountable for the execution of strategies to achieve goals and are measured for their performance.

Current opportunities

Applicants may be considered for other executive opportunities.

For additional executive opportunities available to BC Public Service employees, please visit the recruitment management system (RMS) (IDIR restricted).

Ministry of Education and Child Care
  • Various Locations in B.C.
  • Closes October 13, 2023

Executive competencies

To achieve government's vision, executives must position and structure their organization for full effectiveness. Executives practice strategic thinking in translating the vision into goals and strategies and support their accomplishment through facilitating and leading change.

Executives enhance the organization's relationships with external partners and stakeholders. This includes building strategic alliances, managing conflicts among different stakeholders, negotiating effectively to derive optimum solutions and effectively communicating ideas, analyses and proposals to stakeholders.

Executives model integrity and authenticity, building a culture of trust, risk taking and creative thinking through personal integrity, using feedback to self improve, following through on commitments, and acting consistently with the espoused values and culture of the organization.

Executives must motivate, empower and lead employees to accomplish goals and objectives, rewarding high performance, promoting empowerment and developing their employees, providing opportunities for growth, and managing issues within their organization.

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Leadership expectations

The BC Public Service has introduced new Leadership Expectations (PDF, 598KB) specific to senior leaders in the BC Public Service.

These expectations are designed to complement the ones set out in the BC Public Service oath of employment, the Standards of Conduct and the BC Public Service values.

The leadership expectations will inform how we assess executive performance and potential as part of our succession management and leadership development efforts.