Hiring process for applicants

Last updated on December 6, 2023

Hiring decisions in the BC Public Service must be based on merit. Our application and hiring processes are non-partisan, fair, consistent and transparent.

In this section of the website, we offer information on what to expect after you apply for a job in the BC Public Service.

Hiring on merit ensures that we have a strong, neutral workforce able to provide excellent service to the public.

Register for Career Conversations for external applicants.

These monthly, one-hour information sessions are for external applicants interested in careers in the BC Public Service.

Application screening

Learn how job applications are screened in the BC Public Service.

Interviews and assessments

Learn how to prepare for your interview and other assessments.

About competencies

Behavioural competencies describe the behaviours and attributes that you demonstrate when doing your job.

Find out how they're used in our hiring process.

Past work performance

Learn about reference checks and past work examples.

Applicant feedback

Feedback helps applicants learn about their performance in the hiring process.

You got the job

Find out what happens next and where to find resources for new employees.