Auxiliary appointment

Last updated: April 17, 2018

BC Public Service auxiliary appointments are temporary, for work that isn't ongoing such as coverage for employees on leave, seasonal work and short-term projects.

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Short-term staffing option

Auxiliary appointments can be to either union or non-union positions. Being auxiliary refers to the nature of it being a time-limited appointment, not to the position’s classification or whether it belongs to a union or not.

Auxiliary appointments may be made without a competitive hiring process, but must be based on the principle of merit.

Refer to managing auxiliary employees for information about:

  • Auxiliary seniority, layoff and recall
  • Auxiliary conversion

Review the BCGEU Collective Agreement (PDF, 3.7MB) and Auxiliary Appointments Explained (PDF, 189KB) for additional information about auxiliary appointments, or contact AskMyHRIDIR restricted by submitting a service request using the categories A Hiring Manager > Hiring Process > Hiring Options & Programs.

Extending an auxiliary appointment

If you have an auxiliary employee whose term is being extended, please submit a completed Auxiliary Extension automated form (IDIR restricted); it goes directly to the HR and Payroll team.  

To use this form, you must have the authority to make changes to the employee's record. Requirements for extensions vary by ministry.

Fill out the mandatory fields.

The rest are auto-populated based on the employee ID entered and the data in CHIPS.

If you have questions about a field, select Form Help.

Auxiliary extension form process

1. Open the Auxiliary Extension Automated Form (IDIR restricted)

2. Complete all of the required fields in order to submit the form

3. Once submitted, you'll receive an emailed copy of the service request. This confirms your submission, summarizes the information you entered and provides you with a reference number so you can return to the service request and update the information if needed

If you receive an error message indicating that you're not authorized to access these forms, please contact your ministry security administrator (XLS, 96KB).

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If you have questions regarding this auxiliary appointments, please submit an AskMyHR (IDIR restricted) service request using the categories A Hiring Manager > Hiring Process > Hiring Options & Programs.