Auxiliary Appointment

Auxiliary appointments are for a temporary period and for work that is not ongoing, such as coverage for employees on leave, seasonal work and short-term projects.

When a regular employee temporarily assumes other duties, it is called a temporary appointment. Unionized auxiliary employees accrue seniority, are subject to layoff and recall, and may attain regular entitlements under certain conditions.

Auxiliary appointments may be made without a competitive hiring process, but must be based on the principle of merit.

Read about managing auxiliary employees, including auxiliary seniority, layoff and recall and auxiliary conversion.

Refer to the BCGEU Collective Agreement (PDF, 3.7MB) for additional information about auxiliary appointments or contact AskMyHR.

If you have an auxiliary employee whose term is being extended, please submit a completed Auxiliary Extension form, which goes directly to the HR and Payroll team.  

To use this form, you must have the authority to make changes to the employee's record.  Requirements for extensions vary by ministry.

Fill out the mandatory fields. The rest are auto-populated based on the employee ID entered and the data in CHIPS. If you have questions about a field, use the Form Help link.

If you have questions regarding this process, please contact AskMyHR.