Workplace safety in the BC Public Service

Last updated: August 30, 2023

Contribute to a safe BC Public Service workplace by following safe work procedures, immediately reporting unsafe conditions or incidents and being prepared to respond appropriately in the event of a workplace injury or emergency.

Safety supports for all employees

Safety roles and responsibilities

Safe workplaces start with understanding your rights, safety roles and responsibilities in the workplace

Safety planning for employees


Incident reporting

Safety Training

Safety training opportunities include courses in the PSA Learning System and workplace-specific requirements

Refusing unsafe work

Procedures and regulations protect employees from unsafe or hazardous workplace conditions and outline how and when to refuse unsafe work.

Safety supports for people leaders

Supervisor safety roles and responsibilities

Learn how to build and maintain a safe and healthy workplace in the BC Public Service

Safety planning for supervisors

WorkSafeBC and reporting injuries

WorkSafeBC requires that all serious incidents and accidents be immediately reported and investigated.

Emergency response and planning

An emergency response plan promotes safety awareness and commitment to safety. BC Public Service supervisors must have a plan for responding to potential emergencies.

Safety Training for Supervisors

Occupational health and safety for supervisors