JOHSC Annual Evaluation

Last updated on March 18, 2024

Entering the OHS Joint Evaluation Tool in SIRP

Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 3.26 requires Employers to conduct an annual written evaluation of their Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committees (JOHSC). The BCGEU and BCPSA have developed this JOHSC annual evaluation tool (DOCX, 104KB) with the goals of:

  • Measuring Compliance with The Workers Compensation Act and Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (the minimum regulatory standards that must be achieved)
  • Measuring compliance with the BCGEU-BCPSA Provincial Government Collective Agreement (also a minimum standard that must be achieved)
  • Assisting with annual Committee activity planning
  • Helping the Committee have effective meetings
  • Helping Committee members work as a team
  • Reviewing overall effectiveness of the Committee

The Annual Evaluation is a chance for the Committee to look back on their past year to celebrate their successes and identify opportunities for improvement.

It’s a chance for the committee members to discuss with each other how they think the Committee is functioning and how they work together. There is an opportunity to report out on JOHSC membership for future communications.

Who Should Complete the Evaluation?

The employer should normally task the Co- Chairs with completing the evaluation:

  • Part A: Review, should be completed by the Co-Chairs together and then presented at a Committee meeting
  • Part B: Action Plan should be determined by consensus of the committee, but it must be signed by the Co-Chairs
  • Part C: Committee Communications and reporting will inform a database of committee members that is used to communicate important OHS information.
  • Part D: Committee Questionnaire must be completed by the entire Committee as a group at the Committee Meeting

Smaller workplaces/Committees may want to complete Parts A, B, & D together as a group.

If the employer has asked an outside party (e.g. the BCPSA or BCGEU) to complete Part A the outside party must attend the next Committee meeting to present their findings and answer any Committee questions.  Only the BCGEU-BCPSA JOHSC Evaluation Tool may be used for workplaces that are under the Collective Agreement.

The JOHSC Terms of Reference (DOC) details the structure and procedures of the JOHSC.