Hazard-specific plans

Every workplace should have these topics covered in their plan; some workplaces may need additional emergency plans to deal with site-specific hazards.

Last updated: August 12, 2021

Contact AskMyHRRestricted Access and an occupational safety specialist will help determine what hazards your workplace may face. Submit a service request with the categories Myself (or) My Team/Organization > Workplace Safety > Safety Training & Support.

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All worksites must have a fire safety and evacuation plan. All employees must be aware of safety features (like enclosed stairways) and evacuation routes. New staff should receive instructions as part of their orientation. At least one drill should be done annually at your workplace.


Supervisors must determine if the workplace is located in an earthquake hazard zone. If it is, a site inspection must be conducted to make sure the workplace is physically prepared. For example, items should be secured so they do not fall or fly off ledges. An earthquake response plan must be prepared and shared with all employees. Learn more through the provincial emergency preparedness program. Workplaces in earthquake zones should take part in the yearly earthquake drill, The Great BC Shake Out.

Bomb or violence threat

Bomb and violence threats may be received in person, by mail or over the phone. Learn what to do if you receive a threat by mail (see bottom of page). If you receive a threat by phone or in person, use this checklist (.PDF, 47KB) and let the police and your supervisor or security officer know immediately.

All bomb threats and threats of violence must be taken seriously and responded to. See Targeted Violence and Threat Assessment.

Power failure, spills and environmental issues

Injuries and damage from unexpected equipment start-ups, power surges to equipment and possible fire can be prevented in the event of power outages. Depending on your workplace, other emergency plans for events like chemical spills or floods may be required as well. Contact AskMyHRRestricted Access for help with determining your specific workplace emergency preparedness needs. Submit a service request with the category Myself (or) My Team/Organization > Workplace Safety > Safety Training & Support.