Targeted Violence or Suicide Threat

If you require immediate assistance with an emergency, contact police, ambulance or fire as necessary, then contact the BC Public Service Agency 24-hour emergency safety line at 1-250-952-0911.

This number is for employees of the B.C. government and their managers only.  If you are not employed by the B.C. government please call WorkSafe BC at 1-888-621-SAFE (7233)

If there is an imminent suicide threat and an employee suddenly leaves work, call 9-1-1.

Threat of Violence

There may be times that you, your staff or your workplace are faced with a possible targeted threat of violence, either internal or external. This threat may come to your attention through

  • A call from an employee, client or other party identifying an incident
  • A discipline/termination process
  • A direct threat to yourself from another person

The BC Public Service Agency and the Government Security Office, Risk Management Branch have developed a comprehensive program to manage internal or external threats of violence targeting employees and BC Public Service workplaces. We offer a confidential threat assessment to determine the level and nature of threat posed by an individual or group and provide strategies to help manage the risk.

Suicide Risk or Threat

If the suicide threat or concern is not imminent, call your Employee & Family Assistance Services (EFAS) provider for crisis counselling support at 1-800-655-5004, select option 1.

If the employee is at work, their supervisor can give a "warm referral" by placing a call to the EFAS provider on behalf of the employee. While the employee is present, the supervisor can let them know they are concerned and are calling EFAS. After the intake counsellor has a summary of the situation, the supervisor should hand the phone to the employee to continue the discussion in private.

If the employee is not at work, a supervisor may (with the employee's consent) contact the EFAS provider on their behalf (select option 1) to request an outreach call to the employee, or ask the employee to contact the EFAS provider themselves.

Follow Up

Follow up with the employee where appropriate.

When a suicide threat or attempt occurs during a period of disability, or a disability claim arises as a result of a suicide threat or attempt, contact an Occupational Health Nurse through AskMyHRRestricted Access.

Recurrent threats of self-harm of any type should be referred to an Occupational Health Nurse. If safety of others in the workplace is a concern, contact an Occupational Safety Specialist through AskMyHRRestricted Access.

EFAS also offers a Manager Advice Line at 1-800-655-5004, select option 2 and ask for a Manager Consult, which can be a valuable resource for general situational debriefing.