Transportation Network Services - Enforcement and Non-Compliance

Transportation Network Services (TNS) require a licence to operate in B.C. to ensure that reporting and safety standards are met. Drivers, vehicles and companies attempting to operate without the meeting requirements will be subject to fines.

Avoid penalties and violation tickets. Follow laws, regulations and rules to keep up-to-date on passenger transportation licensing requirements.

Enforcement of TNS Requirements

Passenger transportation enforcement, compliance investigations and audits are duties performed by staff of the provincial Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement (CVSE) Branch and the Passenger Transportation Branch of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.   

Penalties for operating without the appropriate TNS licence

Under the new regulations, both drivers and companies can be fined for operating a PDV vehicle without a TNS licence.


Drivers can receive a daily fine of up to $5,000 per day of operation of a PDV vehicle without a TNS licence. 

These drivers are also subject to possible further sanctions for not disclosing the commercial use of their vehicles to lease and insurance providers. 


Companies operating as a TNS can receive a daily fine of up to $100,000 per day of operation without a TNS licence.

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How will taxi and limo driver/company regulations be affected?

Municipal Chauffeur Permits

Existing municipal chauffeur permits (the licences that allow taxi and limo drivers to operate) will not expire when the regulations go into force on Sept 16, 2019.  Instead, they will expire on the date indicated on the existing certificate.

Licensees (the companies that licence taxi and limo drivers) are responsible to ensure drivers have a valid record check certificate (criminal record check and driver record check).

If, as of Sept 15, 2019, your licence does not include any communities that require a municipal chauffeur permit, the requirements for evidence of authority to operate, have valid record checks and record check certificate will not come into effect until Jan 2, 2020.

Companies with PDV Licences

Companies with current passenger directed vehicle licensees that operate a TNS on July 1, 2019 are exempt from applying for a TNS authorization until Jan 2, 2020.

What happens if a taxi or TNS company allows someone to drive who did not pass the Police Record Check?

Under the Passenger Transportation Act, any taxi or TNS company that allows a driver to operate without a police record check may

  • Receive an administrative penalty of up to $50,000 per offence per day
  • Have its Passenger Transportation Licence cancelled

Will taxi and TNS companies be audited?

The Registrar of the Passenger Transportation Branch may investigate or audit TNS companies based on several factors, including safety, compliance issues, and risk to public safety. The audit process will ensure that all TNS companies are approached in a consistent, fair, and objective manner. Intervention or corrective actions may be taken with any TNS company that is non-compliant with the TNS regulations. A TNS company that is non-compliant may receive administrative penalties, violation tickets, action plans, or have its licence cancelled.