Record Check Certificates for B.C. Taxis, Limousines and Ride Hail

Taxi, limousine and ride-hail licensees are required to issue Record Check Certificates to their drivers.

A Record Check Certificate verifies a driver meets the provincial requirements to drive a passenger directed vehicle. Licensees are responsible to determine whether drivers meet the provincial requirements. 

Record Check Certificate Checklist (PDF) is available for licensees to help determine driver eligibility. This checklist is a template only to help clarify driver requirements. Licensees can also develop their own checklist.

Expiration of Record Check Certificates

A Record Check Certificate expires 12 months after the later of

  • the date on which the police record check was conducted, or
  • the date on which the driving record check was conducted

Information to include on a Record Check Certificate

Licensees are responsible for creating their own Record Check Certificate. Certificates must include the following information 
  • Driver's full legal name
  • Driver's photo (similar style to the B.C. Services card, i.e., recent head shot)
  • Licensee's legal name
  • Expiry date of the Record Check Certificate
  • A statement that the driver has undergone a police record check, driver record check, and meets all requirements under the Passenger Transportation Act 

In addition to the above, ride-hail licensees must also include

  • The make, model, year of manufacture, and licence plate information of the vehicle
  • The ride-hail company's National Safety Code number

A ride-hail driver's Record Check Certificate must be available on the online platform.

Licensees can create their own Record Check Certificate or use the relevant sample provided below

If a law enforcement official asks to see a Record Check Certificate, a driver must show it.

Taxi and limousine licensees must ensure drivers carry a physical copy and display the certificate in a clearly visible place in the vehicle.

What if a driver is not eligible to drive?

A company must give written notice to the driver if they cannot issue a Record Check Certificate. A company may be unable to issue a Record Check Certificate if

  • the driver does not meet the provincial requirements, or
  • the licensee is unable to determine driver eligibility

A licensee can contact the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Program to help determine driver eligibility.

A driver may submit a Record Review Application to the Registrar of Passenger Transportation for a review of their record if a driver receives notification that they are unable to drive.