Geometric Design Guidelines for B.C. Roads

Geometric Design Guides

The information on this page provides road design guidelines for the highway system in British Columbia.

The latest edition of the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) Geometric Design Guide for Canadian Roads is the primary source for basic design principles. The AASHTO document, A Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets, 7th Editionis recommended as a secondary reference for basic design principles.

The B.C. Supplement to TAC explains the preferred recommended practice for use on British Columbia transportation projects.

B.C. Supplement to TAC (2007)

  • B.C. Supplement to TAC Geometric Design Guide for Canadian Roads
    (PDF, 25MB, 510 pages - June 2007 Version - Updates Required)
  • This is the original publication and it must be kept current by downloading and inserting new and revised content that is provided under the ‘Updates’ and ‘Technical Bulletins’ links below.
  • Individual updated chapters are available below, including an updated full version.

Updates for B.C. Supplement to TAC

Printing Instructions

Individual Chapters

Individual chapters are provided in PDF format for quicker download and to enable the replacement of updated individual sections as required.

Individual Chapters for B.C. Supplement to TAC
Chapter Name DL Pages Size Updated
Entire Document - Updated to 2014 PDF 592 21 MB July 2014
Front Matter PDF 8 530 KB  
Table of Contents PDF 2 120 KB July 2014
100 Highway Design Process PDF 46 870 KB July 2014
200 Classification (no content)        
300 Alignment PDF 18 1.1 MB  
400 Cross Sections PDF 18 3.8 MB  
500 Low-Volume Roads PDF 18 970 KB  
600 Safety Elements PDF 44 2.1 MB  
700 Intersections and Access PDF 40 2.6 MB  
800 Interchanges (no content)        
900 Auxiliary Facilities PDF 34 650 KB July 2014
1000 Hydraulics PDF 54 1.7 MB  
1100 Railway Crossings & Utilities PDF 30 740 KB July 2014
1200 Contracts and Drawings (8½x11) PDF 156 1.8 MB July 2011
1200 Contracts and Drawings (11x17) PDF 18 1.7 MB July 2011
1300 Geometric Improvements PDF 50 320 KB  
1400 Subdivision Roads PDF 26 2.1 MB  
1500 Alpine Ski Village Roads PDF 30 1.4 MB