Civil 3D Resources

Civil 3D is the primary software application now being used in road survey, design and construction projects for the B.C. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

The ministry’s Civil 3D project team has been working closely with internal and external stakeholders in moving to Civil 3D and retiring CAiCE.


The ministry is currently accepting deliverables created using Autodesk Civil 3D on releases 2019 to 2023. Internally the ministry is now starting to use Civil 3D 2023 with Civil 3D 2019 available for older projects.

The technical package provided by the ministry may be compatible with a wider range of releases but all work should be submitted using an approved release for deliverables. Please be sure to confirm this information with your ministry representative and be sure to comply with applicable contract requirements.

Training Information

Video instructional titles are available through an external site. Please refer to the training document in the downloads section of this page.

Technical Package

The technical package is now compatible with both AutoCAD and Civil 3D. The main download on the AutoCAD Resources page now points to this page.

An initial Civil 3D technical package was delivered in July 2016. The package contains customization and documentation components including:

  • Custom drawing template and subassemblies
  • Custom applications, macros, tool palettes and ribbon tab
  • Documentation for usage and installation of the customization components
  • Documentation for project delivery and project organization requirements

This package has now undergone three major revisions and is specifically designed to support requirements outlined in the BC Supplement to TAC (see related links).

A provisional Section 1280 Civil 3D Terms of Reference (TOR) for the BC Supplement to TAC was prepared for initial release and has now had two revisions. This document is now at version 3.0 and includes guidelines for project organization, including folder structure, file naming and delivery requirements. For the 4.0 version of the technical package, the TOR has not been updated but supporting reference files have been updated.

All of the above are available in the downloads section of this web page.

Ongoing Support

The project team is focusing on the following objectives:

  • Ministry Staff: Initial classroom instruction for staff in the survey, design and construction supervision disciplines has been completed. Ongoing regular meetings are focusing on improving skills and refining workflows.
  • Private Sector: The ministry is supporting consultants by making all proprietary training materials accessible online and through training partners.
  • Technical Support: Access to instructional videos and ongoing technical support will be provided to answer questions related to the implementation and use of the documentation and technical package. This will be coordinated through the contact person listed on this web page.

The project team will continue to add to and refine the customization component and the documentation component of the technical package based on priorities supplied by all internal and external stakeholders.