CAiCE Visual Transportation Resources

CAiCE Visual Transportation was the primary software package used in road survey, design and construction projects for the B.C. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure prior to the transition to Autodesk's Civil 3D software package.

The ministry has developed extensive customizations within the CAiCE framework and has provided comprehensive documentation and training materials in supplying a powerful tool to meet B.C.'s highway design standards requirements.

The ministry has internal resources that maintain the technical and customized programming support for CAiCE as well as to provide general support for running CAiCE on modern computer systems including Windows 10 computers.

The ministry continues to support the use of CAiCE for ongoing projects as the use of this software comes to an end. Please refer to the Civil 3D page for deliverables requirements for project submission.

Civil 3D Resources

Please visit the Civil 3D Resources page for information on our new design software package.