In Case of Emergency

Last updated on September 1, 2022

Unexpected situations can occur when you are driving. Knowing what to do is an important part of being prepared.

 If you require immediate assistance from the police, fire or ambulance, pull over and call: 911

911 is the emergency services phone number for most B.C. communities. If you’re in an area without 911 coverage, add local emergency numbers to your vacation contacts list.

Cell phone service may be limited in some areas. Consider taking paper maps with you. They're a good back-up if your phone runs out of power or you lose service.

Natural Disasters

Emergency Info BC is British Columbia's Official Channel for Emergency Alerts and will connect communities to information about current incidents.

Avalanche If an avalanche blocks the highway, try to turn around and drive to a safe area. If you can't, remain in your vehicle with your seat belt on, call 911, and await assistance. Learn more about what to do in an avalanche.
Earthquake              Move the car out of traffic and stop. Avoid parking under or on bridges and overpasses. Learn more about what to do in an earthquake.
Wildfire Drive to a safe place, then pull over and call 1-800-663-5555 or *5555 on most cellular networks. Learn more at Report-a-Fire BC.
Tsunamis If you are travelling in coastal B.C., know your tsunami notification zone. Learn more about tsunamis preparedness.
Flooding Did you know that it only takes two feet of water to carry away most vehicles? Stay clear of rushing water and never try to drive through it. Learn more about what to do in a flood.

Disaster response routes are designated for use by emergency personnel, and are not for private vehicles' use during an emergency situation. If you find yourself on a disaster response route during an emergency, exit the route as soon as possible to make way for first responder personnel.

Roadside Events

In an emergency call 911. This includes:

  • A downed power line
  • Natural gas smell

If the situation is not an emergency, you may call the following contacts:

Driver Behaviour

There are many driver behaviours that you may encounter while on the road, and sometimes it is difficult to know what to do. These include:

  • Impaired/erratic driver
  • Road rage
  • Hit-and-run
  • Accident

In an emergency situation, pull over and call 911. If you are able to safely record details, take down the license plate number, vehicle description and the driver's personal description.


Stay Connected on the Road

B.C. offers a number of emergency alerts services and information for Smartphones:

Know Before You Go