Report a Spill

To report a spill, please call:  1-800-663-3456 

Further guidelines on reporting spills in B.C. and reportable substances and quantities are available in the Spill Reporting Regulation of the BC Environmental Management Act.

Report a spill poster with rusty barrels

Information to Provide when Reporting a Spill

When reporting a spill, provide the dispatcher with as much of the following as possible: 

  • The contact information for the individual making the report,  the responsible person in relation to the spill, and the owner of the substance spilled;
  • The date and time of the spill
  • The location of the spill site
  • A description of the spill site and the surrounding area
  • A description of the source of the spill
  • The type and quantity of the substance spilled
  • A description of the circumstances, cause and adverse effects of the spill
  • Details of action taken or proposed to comply with Section 91.2 (2) of the Act [Responsible Persons - spill response fact sheet (PDF)]
  • The names of the government, federal government, local government and first nation government agencies at the spill site
  • The names of other persons or government, federal government, local government or first nation government agencies advised about the spill.