Planning Your Visit to a Recreation Site or Trail

Use the following resources to plan a safe and enjoyable experience in British Columbia's rugged backcountry.

Find a Recreation Site or Trail

Check for possible closures or alerts that may affect the site you plan to visit.

Recreation Site & Trail Information

Fees & Reservations

Some sites charge fees, though discounts are available for seniors and persons with disabilities.

Vehicle Access to Recreation Sites and Trails

Rules & Site Use Etiquette

Other policies and strategies to enhance your enjoyment and safety of the sites and trails.

Organizing Events

Information is available for persons who wish to organize and host events at recreation sites or trails.

Wildlife Safety & Ethics

WildSafeBC is the provincial leader in preventing conflict with wildlife through collaboration, education and community solutions. 

Campers should practice "Wildsafe" camping and keep a  "Bare" campsite to reduce unpleasant interactions with

Report all wildlife conflicts to the BC Conservation Officer Service RAPP line at 1-877-952-7277 

While at coastal or marine environments, follow recommended guidelines to limit interactions with whales and other marine wildlife.

Protect BC's valuable ecosystems and species at risk. To learn more, have a look at the many brochures.

You can also help stop the spread of invasive species. Learn more about BC's priority invasive species.

Activities at Recreation Sites and Trails


Other camping resources:

Fishing & Hunting


Are you a geocacher who would like to explore BC’s recreation sites and trails? If so, you are invited to participate in a geotour. Recreation Sites and Trails has teamed up with Backroad Mapbooks to create a themed geotour of popular recreation sites and trails throughout BC.

  • For more information follow this link: GEOTOUR

Mountain Biking

Off Road Vehicle Use

Off-road vehicles (ORVs) are increasingly popular across British Columbia, both for work and leisure. British Columbia’s new Off-Road Vehicle Management Framework promotes the safe and responsible use of ORVs on Crown land.