Invasive Species

Invasive species are plants and animals that are not naturally found in B.C. and that harm our environment, people or economy. Invasive species can move into new areas very quickly, where they can cause serious problems. Find out more about invasive species in B.C., what we are doing to prevent their introduction and spread, and how you can help.

Working group: Since 2004, a cross-ministry working group has been using science-based, innovative strategies to protect the health and diversity of B.C. ecosystems and minimize the negative impacts of invasive species.

Invasive alien plants: The provincial government offers invasive plant management through operational inventories, risk assessments, a range of management activities (for example, surveys, treatments, and monitoring), and the development of new biological control agents.

Collaboration with others: Learn about the framework for collaboration of science experts and environmental stakeholders to address invasive alien species issues in B.C.