ORV Trail Fund

The Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) Trail Fund, created in 2017, was established as part of the Off Road Vehicle Act and regulations. Funds made available through the ORV Trail Fund are allocated from a portion of the mandatory registration fees for ORVs in BC. The first application intake window is June 2018, with $100,000 available.

The ORV Trail Fund provides funding to support two categories of approved projects:

  1. The construction and maintenance of ORV trails.
  2. The promotion of safe and responsible use of ORVs.

2018 ORV Trail Fund Submissions

  • Applications will be received over a period of approximately six weeks, between June 5 and July 17, 2018.
  • Submissions will be reviewed and adjudicated by provincial recreation staff and ORV stakeholders according to specified scoring criteria in the six weeks following the closing date.
  • All submissions will be reviewed in the order they were received once the application period has closed.
  • Successful applicants will be notified at the end of the adjudication period.
  • Approved applications will be funded to a maximum of $25,000. Projects requesting less than $1,000 will not be considered for the ORV Trail Fund.

Find further details on the submission process and the applications documents below:

2018 Application Submission


While fund amounts are subject to change, the projection of available funds from 2018 to 2022 is as follows:

  • 2018 - $100,000 ($75,000 trail construction/ $25,000 promoting safe use)
  • 2019 - $150,000 ($112,500 trail construction/ $37,500 promoting safe use)
  • 2020 - $200,000 ($150,000 trail construction/ $50,000 promoting safe use)
  • 2021 - $200,000 ($150,000 trail construction/ $50,000 promoting safe use)
  • 2022 - $200,000 ($150,000 trail construction/ $50,000 promoting safe use)

Eligible expenses directly or indirectly related to the above purposes are also included.

Applications for funding can be submitted by any legal entity in the province of BC, including:

  • First Nations
  • Local governments (municipalities and regional districts)
  • ORV organizations
  • Non-profit societies
  • Corporations (e.g., forest licensees).

Applications from individual persons will NOT be accepted.