Reporting invasive species

Invasive species are plants and animals not naturally found in B.C. that can potentially harm the province's natural environment or adversely affect people's health. Report invasive species before they cause harm through the invasive plant database or through the mobile apps.

Report invasive species 

Reporting invasive species may help land managers respond quickly and be able to control the population before it spreads too widely! 

Important: Please ensure you include a photo with your report! 
A photo allows Provincial specialists to confirm the identification and be able to accurately record the information you submit. Thank you for your report!

Recommended method of reporting:

The Report Invasives mobile apps let you report invasive species of plants and animals sightings in B.C. The apps can be used off-line as well; simply complete the report when you are at the invasive species location, click 'Submit' and the report will be sent as soon as you are back in cell coverage.

The “Report-a-Weed” application has now been retired. Please continue to use Report Invasives on your mobile devices and remove the “Report-a-Weed” application off your phone and tablets.

Download the free reporting app:

If you do not have a smart phone, you may report using the online form (link below) or via email to (please attach your photo  to the email):

Your invasive species sighting will be reviewed by an invasive species specialist who will coordinate follow-up activities.

Invasive Mussel Reports should be reported directly to the B.C. Conservation Officer Services Hotline: 1-877-952-7277.