About the program

Recreation Sites and Trails B.C. exists to provide safe, quality recreation opportunities for the public by developing, maintaining and managing a network of sites and trails. It is based in Victoria, with operations province-wide.

Partnering and volunteering

B.C.'s trails and recreation sites are managed through service contracts and partnership agreements with a range of groups and both public and private sector organizations. Many groups and individuals also volunteer their time and services.


Authorization is required for many types of activities that take place in recreation sites, on recreation trails, or within interpretive forest sites. Authorization is required if you wish to use a recreation site or trail for a business or industrial activity, to host a competitive sporting event or a gathering of over 15 people, and for other activities. The construction or maintenance of a recreation site, trail, or facility also requires authorization.

Policies and strategies

Policies and strategies to enhance safe and enjoyable use of trails.