Post wildfire ecosystem restoration

Post wildfire ecosystem restoration plans are collaboratively developed with the objective to identify, maintain, and restore societal and cultural values, while focusing on the long-term restoration of the wildfire area.

The inclusion of First Nations partners in the development of these plans allows for information sharing and the prioritizing FRPA values specific to a wildfire and the area impacted.

B.C. is a large and diverse province with multiple values that must be considered during the planning process. Frequent values included within post wildfire ecosystem restoration are:

  • Biodiversity
  • Wildlife
  • Water
  • Fish
  • Species at risk
  • Cultural values
  • Economic values
  • Climate change values (carbon, resilience, connectivity)

Values are managed by dividing the impacted wildfire area into zones of similar values. These zones are identified, mapped, and then associated with specific objectives.

Once the plan is developed, implementation planning and delivery is completed based on the objectives for each zone. Some objectives may require intervention while others may require monitoring or assessments. Monitoring is an important aspect of delivery to ensure good decisions are being made, objectives are being met, and funds are efficiently spent on priorities.