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When we take care of B.C.’s wildlife and the habitats in which they live, our own health and our economy benefit, too. Learn about collecting, sharing and accessing scientific data and information about wildlife in B.C below. 

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Wildlife stewardship

Click this photo of two people walking in a forest to learn about how we are making sure our forests stay healthy.

The Province is responsible for the management and health of wildlife. Through conservation and wildlife health programs, we ensure wildlife and their habitats thrive, are resilient, and support and enrich the lives of all British Columbians.

About wildlife stewardship

Human-wildlife conflict

Human-wildlife conflict is a serious issue in British Columbia. There are a variety of things that each of us can do to help in preventing these types of conflicts. 

Together for Wildlife

Together for Wildlife is the new provincial strategy to improve wildlife and habitat stewardship across British Columbia.

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Other wildlife programs