Public Safety Lifeline Volunteers

Public Safety Lifeline Volunteers are at the heart of emergency response in British Columbia.

They do everything from leading air and ground searches and helping the victims of serious car accidents to setting up networks of volunteer teams and coordinating services for victims of natural disasters. There are more than 13,000 volunteers in communities across B.C.

Additional Information

Volunteer Safety Program

  • The volunteer safety program outlines the roles and expectations of Emergency Management BC (EMBC), volunteer supervisors and volunteers, and provides overarching policy with respect to key safety priories for all Public Safety Lifeline Volunteer disciplines.

Volunteer Identification Cards

  • EMBC provides Public Safety Lifeline Volunteers with an official identity card so they can identify him/herself to local officials at an emergency site. Review the ID card application process (PDF) prior to submitting a registration form (PDF).

Years of Service Pins

  • Pins are available to recognize years of service contributed by registered volunteers within the Public Safety Lifeline. The pins are available in five year increments (five to 35 years). To order, group leaders or Emergency Program Coordinators must complete an order form (PDF) and return to the appropriate EMBC regional office.


  • These forms are to be used as directed in the EMBC Policy and Procedures Manual.