Emergency management training

Training is one of the key factors for a successful response to an emergency or disaster. We oversee a provincial training program that exists to build the knowledge and skill-set of those who work in operational roles during emergencies.

Emergency management courses

We partner with the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) to provide courses, both online and in person. Each course is part of JIBC’s Emergency Management Associate Certificate.

Courses are provided at no cost to participants, and intended for staff and volunteers from Indigenous communities and local governments who fill various roles during emergency and disaster response.

Emergency Support Services courses

Emergency Support Services (ESS) teams engage in training and exercises as part of their continued commitment to deliver ESS in the community. These are critical to the ongoing improvement of local and regional level planning for responses to emergency events that displace people.

The Incident Command System and ICS Canada

The Incident Command System (ICS) is a standard on site command and control system used to manage emergency incidents and planned events.

ICS Canada is a network of organizations working cooperatively to maintain the standards used in incident management response. Through this network and with the support of trainers within these organizations, ICS Canada offers courses that are recognized across the country.


ICS Canada instructors in B.C. must be recognized by the Province and meet the requirements set by ICS Canada.

These instructors are independent contractors and not employees of the Province or ICS Canada. All discussions about training, delivery, cost, travel, dates, facilities, and other details, are the responsibility of the instructor and requesting organization and can vary between instructors.

If you're interested in becoming an ICS Canada instructor, please email EMBC_EMTraining@gov.bc.ca.


Emergency management webinars provide participants with up-to-date information on best practices, approaches, strategies and technologies. Webinars are presented in partnership with the Justice Institute of BC. Register for an upcoming webinar, or view past recordings

Provincial exercise program

The provincial exercise program provides assistance to all levels of provincial and local governments in the establishment and conduct of exercise programs.