Public safety volunteer awards and recognition

Volunteers are incredibly important to emergency management in B.C., and we want to recognize their efforts. There are a few different ways that we are involved in volunteer recognition.

Annual awards

Each year, Public Safety Lifeline Volunteers (PSLV) are recognized for their outstanding contributions in each of the disciplines during the Volunteer Recognition award ceremony.

To nominate a volunteer that has provided outstanding contributions, complete the  nomination form. Your nearest regional office can answer questions and accept completed forms.

Years of service pins

Pins are available to recognize years of service contributed by registered volunteers within the Public Safety Lifeline. The pins are available in five-year increments. We've awarded pins from five to 55 years.

To order, group leaders or Emergency Program Coordinators must:

  1. Complete an Years of Service order form (PDF) 
  2. Return the form to the an EMBC regional office

Certificate of appreciation

Certificates of appreciation and recognition will be presented to volunteers who have demonstrated outstanding performance in emergency situations.

An Emergency Program Coordinator or Regional Manager can initiate a request, but it must be approved by a Regional Manager. A nominee can be an organization or an individual and may be enrolled in multiple categories.