Public safety volunteers

Public Safety Lifeline Volunteers (PSLV) are at the heart of emergency response in B.C. Thousands of volunteers across the province lead air and ground searches, help people in motor vehicle accidents, and coordinate services for victims of disasters. 

Volunteer programs

The B.C. government provides liability and safety support, and in some situations funding, to each of these volunteer programs. Generally, each of these organizations is managed at a local level in your community. Each program page has information and resources.

  • Search and rescue volunteers may be requested to locate lost or missing persons as well as treating and transporting injured people in wilderness environments
  • Emergency support services volunteers work with their local communities during emergency incidents. Responsibilities vary based on position and skill set
  • Emergency radio communication volunteers are certified amateur radio operators who are available to assist with communications in an emergency
  • PEP air volunteers are pilots with aircraft dedicated to the provision of air search support and emergency equipment transportation
  • Road rescue volunteers provide support at motor vehicle accidents, where specialized skills and other rescue services and equipment are required

Self-assessment and self-care

Emergency responders – and their families and friends – are encouraged to understand the possible emotional consequences associated with responding to disasters.

Registration and ID cards

This page provides clarity on the two types of registration you'll hear about as a volunteer. You can also learn more about the provincial ID Card. 

Volunteer recognition

Volunteers are incredibly important to emergency management in B.C., and we want to recognize their efforts.