Emergency radio communication volunteers

Last updated on February 20, 2024

During emergency situations, emergency radio communications, also known as “amateur” or “ham” radio, is a reliable means of communication.

What volunteers do

Licensed amateur radio operators volunteer throughout the province to assist with communications between individuals, and emergency operation centres when communications are down. Volunteers also assist in searches for people who may be lost or injured.

How to join?

The Provincial Emergency Radio Communications Service (PERCS), links the Provincial Emergency Operations Centres (PREOC) with hundreds of volunteer amateur radio operators who are available to assist with communications in the event of an emergency.


PERCS volunteers train regularly with their regional offices and often take part in emergency exercises so they are prepared for any crisis that arises.

Volunteer resources

General — for all public safety lifeline volunteers 


Volunteer safety and code of conduct

We are committed to the safety of all public safety lifeline volunteers. 

Code of conduct 

Volunteers have a high level of responsibility and accountability while performing their duties. The code of conduct documents outline the expectations and responsibilities of each registered volunteer, and contain the process for a breach of the Code of Conduct.

Workers compensation coverage

Liability coverage

Radio communications specific resources

Visit the PERCS website for specific resources for emergency radio communications.